Notice of first FCI Annual General Meeting

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To Fellows and Members and, for information purposes only, Associates

Dear Fellows and Members,

I have pleasure in notifying you of the Faculty’s first Annual General Meeting, to be held on Tuesday 15th December at 4.30pm.  Given the pandemic situation, the Trustee Board has decided to hold the meeting by video conference.  The Faculty’s membership conference will also be held on the same date, at 2.00pm and you are very welcome to attend both.  

All members of the Faculty, including associates, are able to join the AGM, but only Fellows and Members are entitled to vote.   Details about the arrangements for voting, including online voting in advance of the meeting, will be sent to Fellows and Members in a separate email. 

This letter is to inform you about the business to be transacted, which comes under the following main headings:

A. Proposed amendments to the Faculty Constitution

B. Other AGM business

A. Proposed Amendments to the Faculty of Clinical Informatics Constitution. 

The existing Constitution for the Faculty was prepared under the oversight of the Faculty’s Council in 2018/19, prior to the Faculty being registered as a charity, to operate from 16 September 2019 as the initial constitution of the Faculty as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  

The Trustee Board, once established, identified some areas in the Constitution which were either not in the best interests of the Faculty and its members or were unclear and needed clarification.  The Trustee Board asked the Governance and Representation Standing Committee to advise on these issues and to propose revisions to the Constitution. Their proposed amendments were then approved by the Trustee Board.  

The Constitution includes a requirement that any proposed changes to the Constitution should be put as a resolution to members in an annual general meeting (AGM). Section 28 of the Constitution sets out the circumstances required for amending the Constitution. The constitution can only be amended by a resolution passed by a 75% majority of votes cast at a general meeting of the members of the CIO.    

Resolutions regarding the proposed amendments to the Constitution are listed below in the formal notice of the AGM.  A copy of the proposed amended Constitution is also provided as Appendix 2.  The Trustee Board believes the changes are in the best interests of the Faculty and recommends that you vote in favour of the proposed changes to the Constitution.

B. Other AGM Business

In addition to the items described above the following business will take place at the AGM:

Report by the Chair of the Trustee Board

Unaudited accounts to 31 October 2020 (Appendix 1)

Yours sincerely.

Dr John Williams 

Chair of Trustee Board

Download the full AGM notice