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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform UK healthcare.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has been established to:

  • discuss the professional issues raised by AI

  • examine how they can be addressed

  • share knowledge on effective implementations.

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Please note, the Chair and presenters are responsible for the content and views expressed in the webinar.

19 January 2021  

An Introduction to Machine Learning and Healthcare AI

This introductory webinar on Machine Learning was a joint session between the Artificial Intelligence and Early Careers Special Interest Groups. The session was presented by Dr Kieran Zucker and Chaired by Professor Jeremy Wyatt.

This webinar provides a basic introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence and give a high level overview of how it works. Using a number of real world examples, focus will be given to not only the potential of machine learning in healthcare, but also some of the many pitfalls that could lead to disastrous consequences.


Download presentation slides (PDF)

26 August 2020  

What is 'Computable Biomedical Knowledge' and Why is it Important?

Presenter: Prof Jeremy Wyatt DM FRCP, FCI Founding Fellow; emeritus professor of Digital Healthcare, University of Southampton; chair of FCI AI Special Interest Group & former chair, European Society for AI in Medicine.

AI has been around since before the 1956 Dartmouth workshop, and it was already clear then that several different forms of AI would be important, including machine learning of algorithms from data and symbolic representations for use in reasoning.  

This webinar focused on the second of these, symbolic representations or “computable knowledge”. Building on the work of the American Mobilising Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) activity and a recent MCBK workshop here supported by FCI, we explored:

  1. The evidence that knowledge-based decision support systems improve medical decisions

  2. The definition of computable, as opposed to human readable, knowledge

  3. How such knowledge is already used in a wide range of software tools in healthcare

  4. Current challenges around acquiring computable knowledge

  5. The MCBK vision for how a global library of computable knowledge objects could address some of these challenges

  6. Some technical and other barriers that need to be overcome to realise this vision

This webinar should be of interest to anyone who is concerned about improving clinical decisions and quality improvement in healthcare.


Download the slides (PDF)