The FCI at Digital Health Rewired, 15-19 March 2021

Zaki Almallah gives a rundown of FCI participation at Rewired

Congratulations to Digital Health Rewired for putting together such a fantastic and innovative programme that spans over a wide range of critical areas in digital health. I am specially intrigued by the interoperability session and the very topical cloud session. Tuesday’s agenda of the leadership summit is obviously unmissable.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics are glad to be part of the event, with Philip Scott talking about computable knowledge in building health systems, Jeremy Wyatt on the collaboration of Health Data Research UK, and Jonathan Kay at the leadership workshop. Also, there are plenty of other FCI members on the programme including Simon Eccles, Roisin Reade, Neil Sebire, Gareth Thomas, Dilshan Arawwawala and many more. See the full list below.

We are all looking forward to the week 15th -19th of March 2020.

Zaki Almallah MD FRCS Urol

Please see FCI speaking slots below:

FCI Sessions

  • Digital Leadership Summit, Tuesday 16th March, 12.30 - 1: FEDIP Workshop - A skilled and professionally developed Health and Care Informatics workforce has never been more vital

    • Panel includes Professor Jonathan Kay

  • Digital Transformation Summit, Thursday 18th March, 12.30 - 1: Sharing know-how for digital transformation

    • Chaired by Dr Jeremy Wyatt

    •         Panel includes Lindsay Turner, FCI Project Manager

  • AI and Data Summit, Friday 19th March, 12.20 - 12.25: Computable knowledge and why we need it to build a Learning Health System

    • Presented by Dr Philip Scott

FCI Members on the Programme

Monday 15th:

Lisa Emery

Ann Slee

Greg Burch

Ian McNicoll

James Reed

Afzal Chaudhry

Dilshan Arawwawala

Keith Strahan

Gareth Thomas

Tuesday 16th:

Yvonne Mhlanga-Nyamapfene

Di Bullman

Jo Dickson

Julie Haigh

Wednesday 17th:

Achim Schwenk

Simon Rabinowicz

Ayesha Rahim

Laszlo Igali

Roisin Reade

Ramandeep Kaur

Haris Shuaib

Thursday 18th:

Simon Eccles

Neil Sebire

Rebekah Davies

Friday 19th:

Geoff Hall

Ami Banerjee