Sharing know-how for digital transformation workshop

@ Rewired 2021

On 18th March 2021 we were delighted to deliver a workshop on the importance of know-how as part of the Digital Transformation Summit at Digital Health Rewired 2021.


In this exciting event, we brought together the results of an FCI-led study looking at the sharing and finding of know-how within the HDR UK Better Care Programme with the findings from the evaluation of the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Programme exploring digital transformation and knowledge transfer.


At the start of the workshop, Jeremy Wyatt suggested a definition of know-how as “Information that enables people to work smarter or faster”.

Although the Better Care Programme and the GDEs operate on different levels and the methods of the two studies differed, there were similarities in the findings: 

Most effective ways to share knowledge

Lindsay Turner, project manager and researcher at the FCI, contrasted the forces that enable know-how sharing with the forces acting as barriers against this. The importance of informal networking was identified as a key facilitator for sharing in the Better Care programme and was also described by Dr Kathrin Cresswell, University of Edinburgh, as part of the GDE study. 

What leaders can do to promote knowledge sharing

Kathrin described the need for leader flexibility to align with emerging, changing needs, which complemented the findings of the Better Care study, where the idea of avoiding “echo chambers” emerged on multiple occasions – emphasising the need to seek out new, disparate views and think outside the box. 

Resources and sustainability

Kathrin discussed the need for evolving strategic and policy frameworks. This was supported by the role Lindsay described of a programme facilitator able to identify synergies and themes across national, possibly geographically dispersed, projects and make links to support the sharing of know-how. This facilitator may also need to keep abreast of requirements to help programme strategies and policies evolve on an ongoing basis. 


This was a great opportunity to bring together learning from these two national initiatives. The workshop was well attended and the lively Q&A session which followed the presentations allowed NHS, industry and other participants to explore factors that might improve their own discovery and sharing of relevant know-how in the future, and help their organisation support this activity.

Click below to download the presentation slides from the workshop.

Click here to view a recording of the workshop.