Core Competencies Project

The FCI are now approaching the end of our core competencies work, and are inviting Faculty members and the wider informatics community to help validate our Core Competencies via an online survey tool.
You can take the survey via this link:
if you are a Faculty member or informatician, please contact for the password.
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End of Phase 1


The Core Competencies Project (CCP) provides a methodology for the development of core knowledge and skills-based competencies for Clinical Informaticians (CIs) and the mechanism by which these competencies can be mapped to educational and professional developmental initiatives for accreditation.

Evidence that an individual has achieved these core competencies should qualify that person for membership of the FCI.

Project Aims

  1. Develop core knowledge and skill-based competencies required for UK based CIs.
    1. Develop, test and define the output core competences required of a professional clinical informatician (phase 1)
    2. Define the core skills, knowledge and traits that constitute the core (input) competencies to enable an individual CI to do the job. (phase 2)
  2. Develop a process for accrediting informatics educational applications through the FCI. (phase 3)

Phase 1 of the CCP was undertaken directly by the FCI project team and is presented as three linked reports:

  1. Develop and define the professional attributes of a clinical informatician – final report (v1.1) [Report A] 
  2. Phase 1 Report Validation Study and draft Output Competences for a Clinical Informatician (v1.1) [Report B] 
  3. Phase 1 Report – Consultation Exercise and Output Competences for a Clinical Informatician (v1.1) [Report C] 


The key task of phase 1 of the CCP was to define the output competences [1] we expect of care professionals working as clinical informaticians in the UK. Drawing on the expertise of the multi-professional membership of the FCI we used a mix of qualitative methods to derive and refine the list of output competences. Outputs from this phase of the project will then be used in phase 2 of the CCP to define the skills, knowledge and traits that are required to enable the individual clinical informatician to develop their careers and do their job – the core input competencies, testing and developing these with key stakeholders as we go [2]. This competency framework will be used to develop a systematic mapping process which the FCI can use to accredit educational CI applications (phase 3)


In our three Phase 1 reports (A, B & C), we present, describe and discuss a set of principles, areas and professional attributes which we test alongside definitions of clinical informatics and clinical informaticians. We believe that together these cover the set of output competences needed to describe the landscape of clinical informatics in UK health and care, presented as a set of statements, tested and developed further through a consultation exercise.

We are inviting members of the FCI, the wider informatics community and the public to provide feedback on the CCP Phase 2 findings in a series of semi-structured interviews being coordinated through the University of Manchester, led by Prof. Georgina Moulton.

Thank you

Dr Alan Hassey | CCP Project Director

[1] Competence may be defined in terms of what the individual brings to the job (the input), what the individual does in the job (the process), or what is actually achieved (the output).

[2] ‘Core’ in this context denotes the minimum knowledge base that all CIs must have to be eligible to become members of the FCI and excludes further sub-specialist avenues of education.