FCI Diagnosis Recording Special Interest Group (DRSIG)

Well-structured, accurate records of patient problems and diagnoses are essential for high quality clinical care and research, and advances such as precision medicine and AI. Better recording requires careful consideration of information models, interoperability, standardisation, terminologies, user interfaces and data sharing. The diagnosis recording SIG will discuss these issues in depth, and explore pathways to improvement in collaboration with other organisations.

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Please see recordings of previous Diagnosis Recording SIG sessions below:

Diagnosis Recording Special Interest Group Webinar

On 26th November 2020, the FCI held a webinar and meeting of the Diagnosis Recording Special Interest Group (SIG). This meeting was Chaired by Dr Anoop Shah (Clinical Lecturer, UCL Institute of Health Informatics, THIS Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, Fellow of the FCI) & Maggie Lay (FCI Council Member, Clinical Safety Officer & Clinical Informatics Lead at South Central and West CSU).

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) set up the Diagnosis Recording Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2019 to try to improve the recording of problems and diagnoses in health records, in order to improve patient care. This will require improvements to systems as well as the way health professionals use them.

For medical diagnoses, many of the issues have already been raised in a previous project by the Professional Record Standards Body and the Royal College of Physicians. We aim to build on this and produce a position paper with recommendations for improving electronic health record systems. 

However, whilst there may be a broad agreement about what the term “diagnosis” means between primary and secondary medical care, there is considerable difference in how the term “problem” is used in each medical record. In the wider patient and health and care context, the differences in terminology use make it arguably unsafe to transliterate those terms to electronic records. We propose to have a broader discussion to develop a common lexicon around diagnoses and problems, and a better understanding of the information needs of different professional groups.


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