Faculty of Clinical Informatics Special Interest Groups

The FCI has set up Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide an opportunity to:

·         Bring together individuals with shared interests for peer support and networking 

·         Establish expert views and opinions on specific topics

·         Offer educational opportunities for members (for example holding webinars on topics of interest)

Each group has a discussion forum and as the groups develop they will hold events, workshops and virtual get-togethers to support and develop the area of interest.

The ultimate goal of these groups is to develop and share the expertise and skills of FCI members to improve healthcare services and outcomes for patients and the public.

SIG Membership

As part of your membership with FCI, you will be eligible to join one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The current SIGs are:

          Early careers

The number of clinicians starting out a career in clinical informatics is increasing and the routes into the specialty are extremely varied. This group aims to represent and support people on their first steps into clinical informatics. If you are at an early point in your clinical informatics career and want to join the group, then we will welcome you with open arms - regardless of your clinical experience or background. 

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      Artificial Intelligence

With recent progress on AI and the promise it offers for the transformation of UK healthcare, a SIG has been established to discuss the professional issues raised by AI and how they can be addressed and to share knowledge on effective implementations.

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AI Special Interest Group Webinar - What is “computable biomedical knowledge”, and why is it important?

Presenter: Prof Jeremy Wyatt DM FRCP, FCI Founding Fellow; emeritus professor of Digital Healthcare, University of Southampton; chair of FCI AI Special Interest Group & former chair, European Society for AI in Medicine.

AI has been around since before the 1956 Dartmouth workshop, and it was already clear then that several different forms of AI would be important, including machine learning of algorithms from data and symbolic representations for use in reasoning.  

This webinar focused on the second of these, symbolic representations or “computable knowledge”. Building on the work of the American Mobilising Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) activity and a recent MCBK workshop here supported by FCI, we explored:

  1. The evidence that knowledge-based decision support systems improve medical decisions

  2. The definition of computable, as opposed to human readable, knowledge

  3. How such knowledge is already used in a wide range of software tools in healthcare

  4. Current challenges around acquiring computable knowledge

  5. The MCBK vision for how a global library of computable knowledge objects could address some of these challenges

  6. Some technical and other barriers that need to be overcome to realise this vision

This webinar should be of interest to anyone who is concerned about improving clinical decisions and quality improvement in healthcare.


       Download the slides in PDF

The Chair of the webinar is responsible for the content and views expressed in the webinar. 

Diagnosis Recording

      Well-structured, accurate records of patient problems and diagnoses are essential for high quality clinical care and research, and advances such as precision medicine and AI. Better recording requires careful consideration of information models, interoperability, standardisation, terminologies, user interfaces and data sharing. The diagnosis recording SIG will discuss these issues in depth, and explore pathways to improvement in collaboration with other organisations.

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     Clinical Safety 

      The Faculty has established a Clinical Safety SIG to fulfil the following functions:

  • To ensure that we develop a strong network of interested clinical safety individuals within the Faculty.

  • To ensure that clinical safety resources and new safety initiatives are shared to help enhance knowledge.

  • To ensure that the challenges of new technologies are fully understood and how these new technologies can be assured

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Please see below recordings of the Clinical Safety webinars that have taken place thus far:

Clinical Safety Special Interest Group Webinar - Medical Devices

On 16th July, the Faculty of Clinical Informatics held the second meeting of our Clinical Safety Special Interest Group (SIG), in collaboration with the NHS National Clinical Safety Officer Group.

The meeting focused on Medical Devices, with an update on the recent Medical Device Regulations from guest speaker David Grainger (Technical Lead Software, AI and MRI from the MHRA). This was followed by a Q&A session with David and rounded out with a discussion on the next steps for the SIG.


Download the slides in PDF

The Chair of the webinar is responsible for the content and views expressed in the webinar.  

Clinical Safety Special Interest Group Webinar – Assessment of Apps and Pathology Standards

This third webinar in the series functioned as the first meeting of the Faculty Clinical Safety Special Interest Group, and to discuss key clinical safety issues in light of COVID-19.

The webinar was hosted by Sebastian Alexander (Founding Fellow of the FCI, NHS Digital, Safety, SME Apps Programme) and the first part featured presentations on the NHS Digital Apps and Wearables Programme and Kryptowire app assessment.

The second part featured the following presentations:

Click the links to download PDFs of the slides.



Download the Q&A responses in PDF

The Chair of the webinar is responsible for the content and views expressed in the webinar. 

Setting up a SIG

If you are an FCI member and want to establish a SIG for a specific topic, area or career path, get in contact at info@fci.org.uk .