The Faculty Of Clinical Informatics

Supporting safe, effective and efficient health and care for the public through the best use of information and information technology.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is the multi-disciplinary professional body for all health and social care qualified individuals working as informaticians across the UK.

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The Faculty is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which aims to advance the health of the public, particularly through the following:

  • the development and monitoring of professional standards in clinical informatics;

  • the provision of education and training to clinicians;

  • the provision of guidance on the commissioning, design, development and delivery of health and care information systems;

  • the promotion of the inclusion of clinical informatics in core clinical training to help promote safe, effective and professional standards.

You can find our charitable objects and registration details on the Charity Commission website.

Over the next year, the Faculty of Clinical Informatics intends to continue to encourage and develop the practice of clinical informatics to improve patient outcomes in health and social care, in line with its Vision, Values and Plans. This will be achieved by fulfilling a number of key milestones, including:

  • developing and publishing core competency standards for informaticians to help ensure that individuals and their employers are clear about the skills and experience required for clinical informatics roles;

  • providing guidance and support for appraisal and revalidation processes, to help ensure that informatics practice standards are maintained;

  • providing professional accreditation of clinical informatics training courses to signpost members and others to high quality training;

  • supporting clinical informaticians at every stage of their career, through organising events, establishing Special Interest Groups, and setting up a mentoring scheme with our members.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has been, and continues to be, shaped by its unique, multi-professional membership cohort who bring a wealth of combined knowledge and experience.

The Faculty was initially formed of Founding Fellows, and membership now includes Fellows, Members, International Members and Associates. We recently completed a sixth recruitment round, which expanded our membership to around 780.

We hold recruitment rounds for new Members and Fellows up to 3 times a year. If you are interested in joining, find out more and register your interest for our next application window.

Applications for Associate members are always open. Click here to apply. For more information and guidance on your application, see How to Apply’.


The Faculty of Clinical Informatics offer a range of resources including:

Revalidation and Appraisal

Support with revalidation and appraisals for clinical informaticians


Career advice and support

Education and Training

Learning and development for clinical informatics, including Core Competencies


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